Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the house have a wireless Internet connection?

Yes. We have a WiFi network with fast and robust Internet connectivity in the house. The wireless network covers the main portions of the house and the deck closest to the house. It also works in the closest bedroom (Bedroom C), but does fade out as it gets farther from the main house (Bedrooms B and A) and to remote parts of the pool deck. But otherwise the wireless network works rather well.

What’s the situation regarding normal phone service at the house?

The house has a dedicated guest phone line for your use and phones in the bar, kitchen and office. Family and friends can reach you at that number, and an answering machine is present to take messages. Local calls are free. However, for long distance calls, you must use your own calling card or similar service. Cell phones are the most popular solution, as well as Skype and other VOIP.

What’s the situation regarding cell phone service?

Cell phone reception is marginal around the house because we are blocked by the downside of a hill, but we do have a sweet spot at the top of our driveway where phone reception is good, including Verizon service. Unfortunately for those needing 3G and 4G network service to support all the customary goodies on your I-Phone or the like, it is not going to work well. St. Croix is working on those service upgrades, but it’s not ready yet. Some mobile devices can use the Villa’s WiFi service instead.

What is the set-up regarding TV’s and their reception?

Blue Vista Villa has 2 large flat-screen TV’s with satellite reception that receive a numerous choice of channels including all the major networks. One TV is located in the bar area and the other is in the great room, so there is wonderful separation when wanting to watch different shows. Because this is satellite-based TV reception, heavy cloud cover from a passing thunderstorm can interrupt the satellite signal.

Should we bring towels, soap, shampoo, hair dryers, etc. with us?

Beach towels, bath towels, soap, shampoo, and hair dryers are all provided for your use at the Villa. Obviously, if your have personal preference toiletries, you would need to bring them. In addition, other miscellaneous items such as laundry soap, bug spray, and umbrellas are available at the Villa for your use.

Is there a beach nearby and how close is it?

The beach at Columbus Landing is at the end of the subdivision and is an approximate 10-minute walk from the Villa, or a 2-minute drive. This is a natural-state, unmaintained beach, without amenities and without a lifeguard. Many other choices of beaches with varying amenities are within a short driving distance of the Villa. The Villa has many beach-related amenities (chairs, coolers, children’s pails and shovels, etc.) available for your use.

Can we get a private chef?

There are private chefs available on-island whom we can suggest you contact. Their services and costs would be via direct arrangements between yourselves and them.

Can we get maid service?

For guest stays up to 7 nights, a mid-week dust-up can be provided for an additional nominal charge. For guest stays of 8 to 14 nights, one free dust-up is included (please see the Terms & Conditions for additional details). More frequent maid service can be provided at additional cost by special arrangement. Let us know your specific needs.

Can we get a baby-sitter? Is the Villa child-friendly?

There are baby-sitters available on-island whom we can suggest you contact. Their services and costs would be via direct arrangements between yourselves and them. The Villa is child friendly. A crib, infant utensils, pool and beach toys, children’s movies are among the items available at the Villa.

Is food, drink, or alcohol included?

Food and drink is not included. There is a bar with an assortment of liquor available to guests at no additional cost, described in more detail below.

Where can we obtain our groceries? Can we have food stocked in advance?

There are several large and well-stocked supermarkets on the island carrying the majority of items normally found stateside. Via direct arrangements and direct payment to one of these markets, food can be ordered and stocked at the Villa prior to your arrival.  As an added note, some basic condiments can be found in the kitchen at the Villa, however, their amount and availability varies over time and should be verified prior to your shopping.

I like to cook. How well supported is the kitchen?

The kitchen is nicely stocked with good quality utensils, including very decent and varied pots, pans, cooking knives, cutting boards, baking dishes, serving bowls and platters, pitchers, and various peelers, graters, whisks, ladles, spatulas, etc. Countertop type appliances include a toaster, blender, hand-held mixer, and coffee maker. The oven and range burners are gas-fired. The kitchen has generous, well-lit countertop workspace. Guests report being pleasantly surprised that all their kitchen needs were easily provided for.

Is there available liquor stocked at the bar? (and what about ice?)

The bar is set up on an on-going honor system. Whatever liquor is there during your stay is fully available for your use. As a voluntary courtesy to the Villa, if you deplete certain items, consider providing their replacement – in whatever form you deem appropriate – for the next incoming guests. As for ice, the kitchen refrigerator has a very good door-dispensed ice-maker. However for greater needs than that, consider purchasing bags of ice at the local supermarket.

How many people can stay at the Villa at once?

The maximum number of guests in any one group is limited to 8. (Infants using a crib are not counted as a “guest”).

Would you consider a rental to a group of more than 8 guests?

(To be clear, infants using a crib would not be counted as a guest). However, the answer otherwise is no.

If I rent the Villa with less than 8 people, do you rent other rooms to other parties?

Absolutely not. The Villa is not rented to any other parties during your stay. The Villa is made available exclusively to your party for the duration of your stay.

Should we be concerned about insects?

As a tropical island, it is unrealistic to believe that there will be no encounters with insects. However, Blue Vista Villa sits atop a hill subject to ocean breezes, so there is a natural process in place on the premises to diminish the number of insects. If the island has been subject to drenching rains, particularly after a long dry spell, mosquitoes will be generally present after a week or two across the entire island. At the Villa, windows are screened, the premise gets regular insect abatement treatments, and bug spray is provided for your personal use. As a general reminder, please do not leave food out, and keep countertop surfaces clean.

Is there a washer / dryer for doing our laundry?

There is a stacked washer dryer directly off the kitchen available for your unlimited use, including a supply of laundry detergent. An iron and ironing board are also available for your use.

Please provide details about the pool.

The pool is a very generous size (20′ x 40′) and 8′ deep at its lowest point. There is no diving board. There are broad entry steps leading to an ample 3′ deep shallow area that is great for smaller children to play in and can be roped off. It is a freshwater pool and uses a soft-salt system to supplement its chlorine, so the water has an extremely gentle feel on your skin and eyes.

Is the tap water safe to drink and what is the source of water?

The tap water of the house is safe to drink and use for cooking. As is common practice across the island of St. Croix, rainwater at the house is captured, stored in a cistern, then double filtered and ultraviolet treated to completely purify it before any use. The house has three cistern compartments capable of holding a total of 80,000 gallons of fresh water.

Are the electrical outlets the same as in the US?

Yes. Electricity is all the same as in the States

Is the Villa air-conditioned?

Each of the four bedrooms is air conditioned via its own separate, controllable unit. The exercise room and office area are also air-conditioned. The kitchen, great room, and each of the bedroom’s bathrooms have speed-adjustable ceiling mounted paddle fans. All areas of the house have operable windows that take advantage of the naturally occurring ocean breezes.

How many square feet is the Villa?

For its guests, the Villa provides approximately 3,200 square feet of interior space under roof, and another 4,300 square feet of guest-related outside deck, balcony, or arcade space. As a whole, including all of its non-guest components, decks and cisterns, the Villa is 11,200 square feet.

Should I rent a car? Are there supermarkets, restaurants, and stores nearby?

A rental car is definitely recommended. A local restaurant is located at the nearby marina, a moderate length walk down, and then back up the hill on which the Villa is located. All other stores, restaurants, supermarkets, as well as nearby towns require transportation to reach. Downtown Christiansted is located approximately 15-20 minutes driving time from the Villa. See the “villa environs” tab within this website for maps and local landmarks.

Owner’s Comment regarding water and electricity.

The availability of water and electricity are at a profound premium on the island of St. Croix and are only growing increasingly scarce and costly. Their use also taxes the local ecology and environment. We honestly seek to avoid heavy-handed measures to enforce conservation. However, that means requesting responsibility on the part of all of our guests. So please: do not waste water by letting it run needlessly, and do not leave lights, fans, and air conditioning on needlessly when you are not present and they are not needed. Please instill the same responsibility in children and teenagers that are staying at the villa as well.